Carlsbad Flowerfield Overlook


9 Photos


Beginning this class has really has really help me improve my skills and feel more confident on my photography. I also have improve weaknesses like black and white photos and they are probably my best so far.

Pechanga Reservation


The Pechanga Reservation in Temecula, CA is an exciting place to go. It is a treat to be accepted to go on reservation and to observe what they have on the land. Everything is very beautiful and full of history to be discovered. The Great Oak tree was something magnificent to see. It is incredibly big that its own branches seem like they are roots. The area seems so fresh and green. The people here really care of their land.

San Elijo Lagoon


San Elijo Lagoon is a home at some point for 319 different types of birds. The climate in the area accommodates a large number of birds. The birds migrate through the area all year round depending on their needs. They migrate not just North-South the migrate in all directions.

Annie’s Canyon Trail has been re-opened from being covered in graffiti. Some areas still have it because of the stability of that part of the canyon. It is also a home to the rabbit communities in the area. It is named after a local resident who has been contributing to conserving the environment for the nature, wildlife, and people.

Most Compelling

What I find most compelling about my is that it has variety of what it has to offer when it comes to photo content. I also like ho I have more black and white photos now because I never really knew how to get some interesting ones. I also very how I have photos that I am comfortable of taking and having the experience while to photos on my own or with the class.

Dakota Access Pipeline Documentary

This documentary was based on the Native American perspective of the project. They showed how they lived and the condititions of the area. The pipeline is meant to be put right through the the Standing Rock Reservation. The Sioux tribe living there wants to stop it and protect their land and the water for the center part of America from being possible being contaminated from the project. Some people were not aware of the pipeline being built and now it is a known event happening. The tribe there is very commited to not only protecting their sacred lands and burial sites, but the natural water supply in the Dakotas and the Mississippi River as well. I would have loved to kept watching the documentary, but I had other classwork to attend to.

Botanic Garden


This past Saturday, I went to the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas. It is a very interesting place with many different types of plants.I found that most of these plants are very different and unique in their special ways. I also feel like they resemble other objects that exist today and may have influenced the looks of certain objects. In the photos, I try to make some of the plants appear to look like other things they are not and act like they are doing something people would do.