A Young Artist

Everyone becomes an artist once they are born.As we discover the world for the first time, we use new things to us in different ways older people find strange. In reality we are creating something new to the world as figure things out. We learn to express ourselves differently. In a video from a foreign Ted Talk, the speaker was going over this subject explaining this reality. As we grow up we believe we are not artists because we learn art is not good unintentionally. We are forced to be in a selective group of the “normals.” A passage in the book called “Letters to a Young Artist” by Anna Deavere Smith says, “So the death of cool…would do what? It would probably bring more tones, more color, more emotion, more love, more raw spirit, more argument, more energy. More authenticity? More compassion? More laughter? More tears? More open hearts?” (Smith 193). Cool being the normal restrict us from having all these inner feelings to have a more interesting life. Be yourself and let yourself control the world around to be the artist you were born to be.


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