Museum of Photographic Arts

This past Friday, I went to the Museum of Photographic Arts located at Balboa Park in San Diego, CA. The two exhibitions they had available was The Beauty and the Beast and Defying Darkness: Photography at Night. The Beauty and the Beast exhibit was interesting and had engaging pieces like Jim Naughten’s. He creates art mixing with science to have his images be three dimensional when you look through the little device he has provided. Another piece that caught my eye was the cats with the collars. A quote on the wall said animals can act like humans at times and Marie Cecile Thijs depicted this with her cats by adding the collars. I believe animals have those features because human are an animal species. We are just more developed. The Defying Darkness exhibit was more interesting to me because it had photos from an era I enjoy learning and hearing about. Unfortunately, the exhibit was lit up by the lights too much which ruined the whole photography at night experience. The frames gave off reflections of the background on most of the photos which ruins the whole experience to be engaged with the photos. The overall experience of the museum for these exhibits were above average for me. There were interesting images in both exhibits. The Beauty and the Beast was engaging and included interactive art and was presented well. The Defying Darkness exhibit had interesting pieces with history and shutter speed effects, but the museum’s presentation of it should have been better for the people.


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