Renaldi and Ruhter

Renaldi has a series of photos called Touching Strangers. He has two individuals that do not know eachother touch in a way. He has tough doing this because the individuals do not know eachother which it makes it hard for them touch the other person. Renaldi was very persistent and engaged with this project which inspires people to do photography.

Ruhter has worked on a project Silver and Light. He turned a van into a camera where he can take a photo and develop it inside the van with the chemicals to create an image. He did all this to be different and create a new way to process an image. He worked very hard to get this one image. He failed multiple times, but he never gave up and finally got his image. He is very inspirational in his clip about him because he just never quit because nothing is impossible and he is doing what he loves to do.


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