Confidence or Determination

In the book, Letters to a Young Artist by Anna Deavere Smith, a chapter i read called confidence caught my eye. It did not talk about confidence being the thing that makes an artist go out and accomplish the things they do. It is all about determination. Confidence is nice to have because it prepares a person mentally, but determination makes the person continue what they want to finish. Whether the person fails or not, determination makes them do what they want to do and become better at it. This inspired me to do better in what I like to do with my future. To continue studying to be where I want to be in life and more. This chapter reminded of me when my father told what it was like for my family to live before I was born. They lived in a small house just across a convenience store in a lower end community. My parents were determined to give me and my older sister a better life growing up. My dad now has two jobs in the engineering field and my mom working in real estate. The house we live in now is amazing to be in especially knowing my parents bought it before any of the property in the gated community was even built. No matter where you are from or where you are in life, determination to be better will go a long way.


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