1. digital single lens reflex- a camera able to capture that uses two mirror to capture a motion and create it in a still
  2. a far depth of field allows you to see the view clear. a near depth of field has the background blurred and the subject very clear
  3. rules of third, framing, spot color, patterns/repetition, birds eye view, worms eye view, horizontal, vertical
  4. Aperture- how much light you let in the camera the diameter of the f/stops,     Shutter speed- the amount of time before the shutter closes (good for still objects)
  5. The filter tool allows you to choose what images you specifically want to see/edit, the rating system is an example of one of the options where you can rate your photos from 1- 5 stars 1 being your worst and 5 being your best.
  6. dang_24Oct16_0001 (sequence).jpg
  7. The metadata tells you what camera was used to take the image, what time, and tells the exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and iso. It has the histogram as well.
  8. Renaldi has two strangers touch each other creating this kind of energy between these two strangers in each of the images.
  9. rembrandt, broad, short, side, butterfly
  10. The book contains short letters written to BZ. These letters are written to BZ to help her to become a better artist. This book was created for any type of artist who is new or is struggling to find motivation or inspiration into becoming a new artist. This book applies to me because i am a young artist who is looking for new inspiration and guidance to become a better artist.

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