The Drunken Photobooth

I did a photobooth like project with a fellow classmate. This was in Encinitas, CA on the Pacific Coast Highway. The photobooth setup was around the clubs/bars on the street at around 11pm. At first, not so many people interested because they did not want to be photographed. I thought we would get ignored a lot, but mostly everyone responded which was a courteous thing. After a while, when people started to bar hop around, people would like to participate in the photobooth. They were intoxicated, but were still glad to be part of this project. There were mixture of people who wanted and not wanted to be involved. Mostly the females were the visually responsive saying the were happy to be involved or they were disgusted of how they look which was weird because why would go out and dress up to have a good time and still think you look ugly? These are one of those questions that will not be answered going to the grave. The males did not really want to get their pictures because it was not masculine I assume, unless there were 2 or more of them or with some females. This one of the resons why have a lot more grouped photos rather one or two people in my photos. The group photos could not fit in our backdrop plus it is hard to tell someone whose having a good time to adjust there position and hold still. In the night we acheived 60-70 shots of different people/groups within 2-3 hours of work. We both each had atleast 30 different people/groups which is really great for about 2-3 hours of work. This project is definitely worth trying out because you do get to learn more about the community through the people and it is a great experience to get.


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