Watermark Review

Watermark by Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal is a movie about water and how shapes humanity. It shows us how water is being used for the good or for the bad. Water can be used for many purposes such as using for enjoyment, work, or religion. Surfers and swimmers go out on the beaches to enjoy the water and to stay cool from the hot sun. People can live in the ocean on homes built to be able to float in the ocean. They stay out there to collect oysters and fish to go back to land to sell what they caught. Some people use water to to mix with chemicals to create a product such as leather materials. Some people use water for religious purpose such as the holy water. People are baptized in holy water to be cleansed. Others clean themselves in the ocean every 12 years to wash the sins away from their bodies. Water creates life and nothing can survive without water.


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