Weaving the World Together Review

Weaving the World Together by Tima Lotah is about how she is a basket weaver in this century and how she still applies her historic background still. Her and her family go out into someone’s land to tend it and gather materials to create her basket. As she goes on she and her family express how it is important to know about the plants and only gather what is needed. Humans are not the only things that need to use the plants. The animals in the area also use the plants to eat and to create new things in life. The family informs us not to take everything that it is available, so the plants grow even bigger to give more. As Tima is weaving her basket, she lets us know that if she makes a mistake in her baskets; she keeps going. You do not just stop because you make a mistake, you overcome those mistakes and continue to what you are doing.


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