Maxim Dondyuk

Maxim Dondyuk Is an Ukrainian photographer whom has down a series of photos and videos. His photo series are very impactful and makes you wonder what happens in in any other part of the world we are not of aware of. He has a series of photos from the Ukrainian Revolution. The series is currently in an exhibition and it shows the impacts of the riot police and protesters. He explains that their was a division of cultures within the people. The old for the Soviet Union and the new free start. Another series he has is from a camp in Crimea training 7-16 year old boys to protect the land and have the not become murderers, but protectors of the the land. Another series he has is about tuberculosis  in Ukraine. There is no money for the treatments for TB and other diseases since the Soviet Union left and he shows the affects of that. His last series he has is about the biggest pilgrimage of jewish people to one area outside of Israel. This took place in a small town in Ukraine and he was able to capture images of it. Dondyuk captures images that are serious problems that no one outside Ukraine are aware of.I enjoy at looking at his work because they are very informative and up to date on what is happening in his area. His work applies to not only the Ukrainian people, but to everyone in the world if you read his explanations for his series.


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