MOPA Prix Pictet

The MOPA museum in Balboa Park had an exhibtion based on what is happening in the world today. The photographer who interested me the most was Maxim Dondyuk. His photos were taken around the Ukrainian Revolution in 2013. He had images of rioters, guards, and the affects of it all. In one image, he has a mass of hard hat workers up against a mass of riot police. In the image, there appears to be chaos between both sides. The hard hat workers form a orange sea going up against a black and white see clashing against each  other. Another image shows the riot police moving down the street preparing themselves for what is about to come for them. Another image shows them protecting an armored vehicle moving a bus that was burnt down by rioters. The last image shows rioters roaming the streets leaving chaos around such as smoke in the air and pot holes in the ground. The images shows an awesome dark scenes of black and white. The contrast of the light and the objects are very eye capturing revealing the most intense parts of the images. The images also have a dark eerie look to them creating a mysterious feel to them. It makes the viewer wonder what is going on and giving a sense of suspense of what is about to happen next. The other artists in the exhibition did incredible work as well. Each series of photos give an impact on audience looking at this images and make you want to contribute to what is happening in the world.


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