Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is one of the most important people in landscape/environmental photography. In a movie about him, it discuss about what he has done during his lifetime. The movie mentions that photography is more than just taking photos, it is recording the experiences you go through that moment. Photography is the investigation of the inner and outer worlds of the photograph. Ansel Adams created these thoughts with his photography and it shows by the way he uses the tones. His range of tones he has in his photographs are amazing and is compared to knowing how to use all 82 keys on a piano. He knows how to use every single tone in his photos. The use of tones he has makes people remember his photos. The movie says a good photograph is something that the viewer remembers after seeing the photograph. Biggest impact he has on his photos was the use of light and his work in the dark room. He would take time to take multiple shots for one image and gaining experience for light exposure. His best shots to some people are the ones with just one attempt was taken for an image. During that time, the cameras were large and bulky and took time to get one photo. He developed his photos in a dark room and it would all day just to develop on image the way he wanted to make it. He had so much dedication in what he does, it impresses many people. This is why he is one of most important photographers in history.


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